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Adopt an Animal

Holliday Park Nature Center houses a number of animals native to Indiana. All of the animals are on exhibit daily and are used for educational programs with schools, scouts, and the general public throughout the year.

Help support these animals and the environmental education they help serve. The adoption program generates funds for the animals’ care, housing and food.

Adoption is a great gift for friends, family, and the community!

Each adoption includes an Adoption Certificate and Factsheet, recognition on donor exhibit for duration of adoption and possibly even an invitation to our annual adoption party. For birthday adoptions (year- long adoption and rental only) there is even a special visit with your adopted animal.

Animals to Adopt and Prices:

Animals to Adopt 6 months 12 months
Crawfish, Bluegill, American Toad, Fowlers Toad, Green Tree Frog $50 $90
Bullfrog, Box Turtle $80 $150
Black Rat Snake $130 $250
Painted Turtle, Red Eared Slider $160 $300
Eastern Screech Owl $215 $415