Welcome to Holliday Park


For more than 30 years, the Holliday Park Foundation has been committed to preserving, enhancing, and maintaining Holliday Park as one of the premiere public parks in Indianapolis.

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Current Project

Playground Renovation Project

The Holliday Park Foundation is excited
to renovate the existing playground
at the south end of the park. More than just
a refresh of playground equipment, the entire
space is being reimagined to create an inclusive,
engaging, versatile and vibrant commons that will
serve as one of the city’s iconic open spaces.

Recently Completed

Susan Bayh Outdoor Classroom

There’s no better way to foster environmental
education than being fully immersed in nature.
While park programs used to be half inside,
the Outdoor Classroom allows students to
enjoy programs entirely outdoors as they see
squirrels racing by, smell the fresh rainfall,
or hear birds chirping in the distance.

What’s Next

Meridian Arch

Under the bridge and over the river offers such
great opportunity for Holliday Park to connect
with surrounding neighborhoods. Imagine small
concerts on the river set in the acoustically lovely
arch of the bridge, a safer passage across (and
under) Meridian Street and along 64
th Street, and
access to other parks by bike and foot.